Clone of Dr. Aubrey Tom, ND

Services Provided

One Hour Consultation

During this consultation we will discuss current health as well as future health goals. Aubrey Tom, ND will use different modalities such as face, tongue and nail analysis, iridology, muscle testing and more during this consultation in order to determine a customized path on your journey to true health.


A 45 minute foot massage used to promote proper circulation, nerve response and energy to the entire body.


A study of the irises to determine if there are any markings that would indicate health risks, challenges and or strengths of various organs or body systems.

RBTI Testing

RBTI testing is a non-invasive seven part test completed on fresh samples of urine and saliva. It is true real-time mathematical analysis of what is taking place within the electro-biochemical structure of the human body. It reveals the intricate cause and effect of the physiological dysfunctional patterns demonstrated through the urine and saliva analysis.

Emotional Release

This technique helps heal damaged emotions and thought patterns that interfere with your happiness and well-being. Emotional release will work whether your memories go back 50 years or are very recent.

Negative emotions keep you in a state of stress. They harm your mental health and your physical health as well. They can be harmful to your relationships and influence how you view the world. Emotional release technique works through freeing stuck emotional energy. When a cellular memory is triggered, you get caught in a cycle of painful thoughts and distress. As you release painful emotions, your thoughts about the incidents shift. Your body then can use that new and positive energy to restore itself and return to rest and digest mode which is where it will finally be able to heal itself.

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