Dr. Aubrey Tom, ND

Services Provided

One Hour Consultation

During this consultation we will discuss current health as well as future health goals. Aubrey Tom, ND will use different modalities such as face, tongue and nail analysis, iridology, muscle testing and more during this consultation in order to determine a customized path on your journey to true health.

  • emotion release
  • reflexology Massage
  • ion Detox foot bath
  • Zyto Bio Feedback

Emotion Release

Emotions are beautiful and help paint life in vibrant colors. However, there are times that our emotions become trapped and create what we call “emotional baggage”. When not dealt with these emotions have the potential to haunt us and even manifest as physical ailments. Through emotional release Dr. Aubrey helps to “tune in” to these trapped emotional frequencies and disrupt them so that we can be free from their toxic cycle and start to truly heal.

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