Dr. Natalie Moore, DC – OLD

Services Provided

Prenatal/Postpartum Care

Chiropractic care is an essential throughout pregnancy. With all of the changes that take place in a short amount of time, regular care ensures that the expecting mother’s body is functioning properly to accommodate a growing baby. Dr. Natalie is certified in the Webster Technique which gently and effectively balances a woman’s pelvis. This balance provides relief from many of the uncomfortable aches and pains that can come throughout pregnancy as well as improve the physiological function of the mother’s body. When a mother’s body is working at its best, the baby’s development is optimal. This balance and improved function help set the mother and baby up for a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.

After baby is born, there are more changes that take place and new demands put on the mother’s body – breastfeeding, hormonal changes, holding baby, carrying car seats, etc. These new challenges along with the fact that mom’s body still has the hormone Relaxin present can make recovery and the normalizing of biomechanics more difficult. Chiropractic adjustments help a new mother’s body adapt to these changes and recover quicker so that this time spent with baby is fully enjoyed.

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Pediatric Care


Who wouldn’t want to start out life with a fully functioning body?! There’s a lot that can happen during delivery that puts stress on a newborn baby’s spine. If not checked and corrected, this stress can lead to health difficulties early on and/or later in life. A gentle correction allows your baby’s body to function better, which can mean improved sleep (for you and baby!), better nursing, less colic, improved digestion and better immune function.


The fact is, healthy kids grow into healthy adults! Regular chiropractic care throughout all stages of development help set up children for a healthy future. Whether your child already struggles with health issues or they seem perfectly fine, regular checks are a simple way to make sure that your child is functioning at their best.

Family Care

We love seeing whole families under care! When kids see mom and dad take on healthy habits, it becomes second nature for them to develop those habits for themselves. That’s right mom and dad – you need to take care of yourself too! We never want to just mask the symptoms that you are experiencing. We uncover the root cause of your health issues and correct it. That way, you and your family are able to experience and enjoy life together to the fullest potential! We often hear that families under care experience better sleep, more energy, fewer sick days, and overall happier dispositions.

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